Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 178 - Thursday 26th June

Me, myself and I - Billie Holiday

This prompt makes me question who I am. Well I am the obvious things such as a Mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister etc but there must be more to me than that.
I know I am a totally different person since I have had Zoë – and not necessarily all for the better. I think I am more professional at work but at the same time, I am definitely less career driven as I know my family is much more important than the company I work for.
Lately I feel I have much less patience than I used to have but maybe that is because I am a working mum and so time is much more precious to me and I don’t want to waste it whilst waiting for things to happen – such as Zoë dressing herself or putting her shoes on.
I am less self-absorbed - I am no longer interested in going out or having the latest clothes etc. I definitely chose clothes for Zoë over myself.
Zoë has made me much more protective of those that I care for and has me realise what is important in life.
She has shaped me into the person I have become and the whole I think I like me...
... With or without glasses


knitkath said...

Great journalling, yes we all change with the years!

willowthewysp said...

Great the same as you, i can get very impatient with my children.
The glasses suit you really well:)

malaryush said...

Children really do make you look at the world differently don't they. Great journalling :)

Steph said...

Great journalling and I like you with and without glasses!