Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 155 - Tuesday 3rd June

Chatting - Your chatting with me under the sky makes me always smiling. I like: disco and thunderstorms.

This week I have taken inspiration from the cute Momiji Dolls I collect. Each Momiji doll has a name, a quote and a "I like". Take inspiration from any of these 3 things!

We have been away on our holidays to Majorca but now we are back and I have 8 days to catch up on. For these Momiji Doll quotes I have decided to put up a picture of each doll so in years to come when I look back my 365 journal for the year, I will be able to see what I am looking at. I am also using pictures from the holiday where possible. I did get the prompts whilst we were away and although I didn't do any journalling, I tried to get photos to suit the prompt.

I love to talk and can talk for England when I get going. I think Zoë must have inherited this from me too as she chatters away to herself all day long. The hotel we stayed at had kid’s discos every night playing all the cheesy songs. The reps would get on the stage and dance doing all the routines. Zoë was captivated by this but she wouldn’t go and dance. Even if I went up with her – but she wouldn’t even be put on the floor. I had to stand with her in my arms and dance with her. Probably one of the reasons why my back is so painful now.

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