Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 157 - Thursday 5th June

Lovely Day - We lie on our backs watching the clouds. Our lovely day. I like: old black and white movies, travelling to far off lands

The weather on holiday hasn’t been that great but to be fair it was just right bearing in mind that we had Zoë and if it had been too hot, then it would have been very hard for her to cope in the heat. We only really had rain on one day but we had already spent the morning at the beach. Zoë loved the beach. Daddy would dig big holes and then Zoë would go down to the sea and fill up her bucket with sea water and then come back and fill up the hole. This was a never ending task because as soon as she tipped it in, it would disappear. She had great fun running up and down the beach though. I didn’t get much sun bathing in as Zoë was constantly on the go and so lying down soaking up the sun was a no-no.
We were quite worried about taking Zoë away on holiday, but it has been successful and so we will definitely be going away again next year.
I love this photo – the clouds are so white against the blue of the sky.

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Mary B said...

Lovely photo and I an so glad you had a good holiday.