Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 156 - Wednesday 4th June

Dizzy - Counting the stars brings dizzy and laughing. I like: knitting and techno.

Our hotel had entertainment every evening. First there was a quiz, then a mini kids disco, bingo (which I won on the final night) and then music from various look/sound alike artists. Unfortunately I only took my camera on the worst night. This was Elvis and The Teddy Bears and he was pretty rubbish really. He obviously thought he was a lot better than he really was and he got quite narky when he didn’t get lots of claps and cheers. His band were good though. We didn’t stay for the whole show as he got on my nerves too much. The other night’s entertainment were fantastic. The best being a Take That show. I don’t like Take That but this tribute band were really entertaining and had so much energy. ZoĆ« would always nod off half through each show – god only knows how she slept through so much noise.

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