Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 170 - Wednesday 18th June

"In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs, Of every head he's had the pleasure to know. And all the people that come and go Stop and say hello"
- Penny Lane, Lennon and McCartney

Time to reflect on where we live

I grew up in quite a rural village and it was lovely growing up here as there were plenty of green fields and open spaces to play in. We had a brilliant village primary school, but the buildings have now been converted into houses and the playing field and playgrounds have been built on. A new school was built in a different location and is in high demand as it always gets outstanding Ofsted reports which has pushed house prices even further up. My mum still lives there.
The downsides of living in the village was trying to get anywhere – buses run very infrequently and unless you had a car, it was a nightmare.
I now live much nearer to the town and although I never go on buses, I could catch one every 10 minutes from the end of my road. I would love to move back to the country and send Zoƫ to a small village school.
Or perhaps live in one of these lovely houses... ... if only I had a spare couple of million pounds to afford one.


willowthewysp said...

If only we had that sort of money eh???!!!

knitkath said...

Growing up in a village sounds idyllic, but does have problems! Would you be any happier in one of those big houses?

Beejay said...

Great picture for the prompt. Think of all that housework Claire in one of those big houses (although I suppose if we could afford a house like that we could afford a cleaner.)

Kay said...

There's definately pros and cons on both though isn't there.

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Good photo for the prompt. We lived in the country for 30yrs and loved it and my boys went to a village school and the a rural sec school but now enjoy living in a town with a Spa shop 100yds away and on a bus route every 10mins to town and having a free bus pass!!