Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 181 - Sunday 29th June

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for” - Tom Bodett

I think this quote is very true. I know I journal about Zoë a lot but as soon as I read this, I thought of her and how I have changed since having her. I always thought that I didn’t want children and then one day I came home work and talked to James about perhaps wanting one. My brother had recently had his first child, Connor and spending time with him showed how brilliant kids were. So we agreed we would try for a child. Within 3 months I was pregnant and wondering what the hell I had done! Sometimes I still wonder that ;-)
Zoë seems to have given a true purpose to my life. I always thought I was happy with my life before her, but when I look back on it now, it was nothing in comparison to now. Yes she can be hard work but on the whole she is fantastic and a constant source of wonderment to me. She is growing up fast and some of things she does or can do amaze me and then I think to myself that James and I made that and we are shaping her into the person that she is becoming. I just hope that we are doing a good job and that she will grow into a strong, independent, intelligent, caring individual who has a long and happy life.
I love everything about my wonderful daughter, I love being a Mum and I hope that maybe I could do it all over again!!!
This is an old photo but one of favourites.


Lynne aka retired nana said...

I agree a lovely photo and hope one day there will be other Zoes or Zachs :)for you.x

Mary B said...

Claire you are doing a fantastic job of bringing up your DD you are giving her the best possible thing to mould her into a loving adult, you are giving her love. as the song goes 'all you need is love'. and when a child is surrounded with love and given boundaries then they have a very healthy life style.

willowthewysp said...

That photo is absolutley adorable!
And as far as bringing your daughter are really doing a great job and it is obvious how much bringing her up well means to you:)

knitkath said...

Gorgeous photo! You are doing a good job from the sounds of it, keep it up!

Beejay said...

Beautiful picture. Sounds like you are a great MUM.

Kay said...

Claire stop giving yourself grief you are a brill mum!!!