Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 262 - Thursday 18th September

"I have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope, with anything, if you see the wonder, of a fairy tale, you can take the future, even if you fail, I believe in angels, something good in, everything I see, I believe in angels, when I know the time, is right for me, I'll cross the stream, I have a dream" - I Have a Dream – Abba

I have told you often enough about my dreams, so I won’t go into these again, so I will focus on the angels bit. Do I believe in angels? No I don’t think so! Life is life and what will happen, will happen. You can put measures in place to safe guard yourself but most of the time, you make your own destiny. I don’t believe that there is anything out there looking after you or directing you in any particular way. You have to make your life what it is and the amount of effort you put into it, will very likely determine how successful it turns out. There are things that are out of our control but these aren’t down to angels or anything else – they just happen and we either, fail at this point or pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and try again.
If you have a dream, it ain’t just gonna happen - you need to work HARD at fulfilling it!


knitkath said...

Great photo for today! You sound a very determined lady!

Shirley said...

Lovely photo Claire that little angel has a look of Zoe about her!
Great jouranlling too :)