Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 265 - Sunday 21st September

"Slipping through my fingers, all the time, I try to capture, every minute, the feeling in it, slipping through my fingers, all the time, do I really see what's, in her mind, each time I think, I'm close to knowing, she keeps on growing, slipping through my fingers, all the time" - Slipping through my fingers – Abba

If ever there was a time when I realised that time was slipping away was yesterday when we visited a few bike shops to see if ZoĆ« would be ready for a bike for her birthday in December. We tried her on several bikes but we have decided that she will need the 14” bike, which normally age for 4 to 6 years olds – she could pedal them all really well and was zooming round Halfords weaving in and out of other customers.
How did she grow up so fast without me seeing it???


Shirley said...

Lovely photo Claire, I wonder the same about my daughters who are now 36 and 34 now!!!! lol.

Kay said...

Oh how lovely and touching Claire, just enjoy every day they're so precious.

Mary B said...

If this is the first time she has been on a bike she is doing very well indeed