Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 263 - Friday 19th September

I was a woman never thinking of others, and my life was so lonely, didn't care for anybody, but then I happened to meet, a begging man in the street, as I turned down his praying, I heard someone saying: "ah -Treat him well, he is your brother, you might need his help one day, we depend on one another, love him that's the only way, on the road that we're going, we all need words of comfort and compassion, treat him well, he is your brother, love him that's the only way" - He is your brother – Abba

This is my big brother!!! We don’t see each too often but we would both do anything for the other.


Mary B said...

Well put and yes it is nice to have a brother.

Shirley said...

Great to have big brother to love Claire.

knitkath said...

What a lovely photo!

malaryush said...

What a wonderful photo!
A big brother must be a wonderful thing to have :)