Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 264 - Saturday 20th September

"I don't wanna talk, about the things we've gone through, though it's hurting me, now it's history, I've played all my cards, and that's what you've done too, nothing more to say, no more ace to play, The winner takes it all, the loser standing small, beside the victory, that's her destiny" - The Winner Takes it All – Abba

Yesterday ZoĆ« and I went for a walk as the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. After having such miserable weather, it surprised me how much wildlife was still out and about. I spent ages trying to get a photo of a little white butterfly that was fluttering around us whilst we were walking. I did manage to get one photo of him but it didn’t come out very well. It was very frustrating as every time I got close to him, he would fly off. Then we stopped to look at the swans on the pond and whilst we were there, I spotted a beautiful dragonfly. He was a perfect subject and remained in situ for ages and I managed to get some great photos of him. I felt like a winner then!!!


Shirley said...

Brilliant photo Claire and definately a winning shot.

knitkath said...

fantastic photo, needs to be scrapped!

Mary B said...

Beautiful photos