Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 272 - Sunday 28th September

"We need not think alike to love alike.” - Francis David (1510-1579), clergyman

I spent the day with my Dad yesterday and although he wasn’t around when I was growing up, I love him very much. I learned some things yesterday that have put a different aspect on what I have always been led to believe about why my Dad didn’t see me for 30 years. What is quite strange is that, he was never around to influence my personality or thoughts, but we are very alike in many ways – and the same with my brother.
When I got back in contact with him a couple of years ago I stated that I was not interested in the past or what had gone on but wanted a relationship for the future for me and for Zoë and that is what we have. It really is like we have never been apart.
We all had a wonderful day.


Shirley said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day together.
Love the photo and the journalling is perfect for the prompt today.

Mary B said...

This is such poignant words here and I am so glad you have a good relationship with your father now and that Zoe can get to know her granddad