Sunday, September 14, 2008

Learn Something New Every Day - Day 13

As you can see from my blog for yesterday, I had a really productive day. My poor husband, James was on call and was out nearly all day and this gave me the chance to do lots of crafting which I don't normally get to do on a weekend. I finished my Advent Calendar, did 2 layouts for my A-Z of Zoe to get me up to date with this project, did my LSNED for the 12th and made a birthday card.
Journalling reads:
"What did I learn today... ... that when James is on call, I can get lots of crafting done - and it feels great!"


knitkath said...

Lovely page, a great way to showcase your day's work! Well done on being so productive! i do love that pp!

malaryush said...

Wow - that was a productive day. Well done!