Sunday, September 28, 2008

Learn Something New Every Day - Day 26

We went to my Dad's for the day. He is a farmer and definitely likes his food. We ate on and off all day and ended the day with the most glorious roast pork dinner. Nandrea (my step mum) made Zoe a chocolate rabbit on grass (chocolate blancmange and lime jelly). She couldn't believe her eyes when it was dished up. We left feeling totally bloated and never wanting to see food ever again!!!
Journalling reads:
"What did I learn today... ... that farmers sure do eat alot!"


knitkath said...

Oh how cute, and so nice of your step mum to make it for Zoe! I've still got the rabbit jelly mould I used for my kids!

Mary B said...

That is such a lovely photo Zoe is growing into a beautiful child she will turn heads as she grows older I am sure.