Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 61 - Saturday 1st March

"March is the month of expectation" - Emily Dickinson
Lets start a new month full of good expectations, full of joy to continue with our 365 journey.
I really do not know where this year is going. I cannot believe it is March already. I like March as the weather should really perk up and all the beautiful spring flowers are out.
There is always a lot of excitement and expectation at work as in a garden centre, it should be one of our busiest months of the year and can be a good indication as to the type of trading year we will have. Our last year, which has just finished, has been the best one yet, so we have high targets to meet this year.
I am full of expectation today as I am going to a camera course this afternoon. It is only for 2 hours and is an introduction to digital SLR cameras. I am really enjoying my new camera but I want to get more out of it and am hoping that this course will help me. I will take a notebook to make lots of notes.
I have been with my husband 10 years on the 6th March and it is Zoë’s Grandad’s birthday on the 5th. Zoë is going to make him a card this weekend with the new crafting stash that I have bought for her. This could be very messy!!! And of course it is Mothering Sunday tomorrow so I am not sure what that will bring. I wonder whether I will get a lie in and treated well? Also Easter falls in March this year. So a busy month! I wonder what it will bring?


Lynne aka retired nana said...

Lovely camera, enjoy your course and speak to you tonight!

Shirley said...

Great Camera shot, I hope the course was fun and helpful.
I have been really nosey and caught up with your photos and journaling.
Love all the photos of Zoe especially at a day old and eating!
The colour of your ipod is gorgeous and what an acheivemant to get your Mum and Dad in the same room after all those years!
I also read about your idea for an end of year get together that sounds like a great idea.
Must go other blogs to visit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have such a nice camera, where did you go for your course?, as I live in Dorset as well and am trying to convince hubb to let me have a ;proper; camera and if I could tellhim that there are courses available too, that may finally swing it for me, great blog by the way Victoria.....