Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 88 - Friday 28th March

"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm” - Earl Nightingale entrepreneur, motivational author

Show creativity in your space today

I love getting all creative and crafty. I have lots of things to do or try today or this weekend if I run out of time to get it all done today – which is very likely.
Today as part of this 365 challenge, we have been given a photography prompt as well to explain how shutter speeds work on the camera. I need to photograph running water on an upturned cup. The faster the shutter speed, the more clarity the water drops should have in the photo.

Shutter speed 1/80

My camera would only allow me to go up to 1/200 with the flash on. I could get 1/1000 but the picture was almost black. (I will try the photo again in the morning with better lighting)

I also want to play with Photoshop Elements to try and put some fairy wings on a photo of Zoë. This involves using brushes and layers and other various clever things that I have never done before.

It hasn't come out brilliantly but once you know what you are doing it is quite easy to do. I definitely need some practice.

I also need to make a start on making some sample wedding stationery for my oldest friend as I have offered to do all the stationery for her wedding. All I have to go on is that the colour scheme may have some burgundy in it. I want to use some hearts and some Cuttlebug embossing folders but keep it as simple as possible. I think I have a design in my head.
So that should keep me being creative for a while!


Mary B said...

Looks as if you have some good water droplets there anyway.

knitkath said...

Pictures are good! Have fun creating!

Kay said...

This is so fab, I haven't managed to sort out mine yet. And Zoe looks good enough to eat!

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Great water photos.
Looking forward to seeing your new hair colour, good on yer treating yourself to a pamper and me time!
Claire just love your journalling and reading it too!

Shirley said...

Well done Claire great photos.
Zoe looks brilliant as a fairy :)