Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 64 - Tuesday 4th March


A new month and a new week. This week I am going to post one word, just one single word, to inspire your photo and your journalling for each day

Phew what a hectic day. I was in a meeting all morning and then busy this afternoon. This evening I have had to attend our annual garden centre road show where the directors show the forth coming plans for the year. This meant that I did not get in until 8pm this evening. Grandma and Grandad picked Zoë up from nursery and then looked after her until I picked her up at 7.45pm. When I got home, she needed bathing which was a nightmare as she was so over tired and she just cried and screamed all the way through. She soon fell asleep after her milky!!!
Whilst I was in my meeting today, James’ uncle Mike dropped in a picture that he had hand drawn of Zoë and her cousin Connor. The drawing was done from a photograph that he took at a recent family get together. He has captured the likeness of Zoë so well. Her face is radiating with the sunshine of her personality. It has really made my day to receive this beautiful picture. I know that drawings like these can take hours to complete and so am so pleased that he took the time to draw it for us. I will get it mounted and framed. Zoë’s Grandad drew a picture of Zoë which he gave us for Christmas a couple of years ago. I want to mount them together as the pictures show Zoë at 1 year old and 2 years old.

What a beautiful gift to treasure.


Shirley said...

What a beautiful gift from a talented Uncle.

knitkath said...

That is truly beautiful, certainly shines!

willowthewysp said...

That is a beautiful picture...really something to treasure!

Beejay said...

Really lovely picture.