Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 70 - Monday 10th March


When I think of this word of think of life balance and how to get the right balance between work and play. I don’t think I am getting the balance right at the moment but that will change in a couple of week’s time – hopefully!
I have been working now full time for the last 5 or 6 weeks and it hasn’t been too hard other than I just don’t seem to get any time to myself to do the things that I enjoy doing such as my crafting.
I always had a Friday off, which meant that I could get all my housework done and that would leave the weekend free to do family stuff. I would also get some crafting done on a Friday which meant that I never felt guilty about taking some time out for myself. Since working 5 days a week I am in a constant rush to get everything done and my crafting is the last thing in a long list and so invariably gets dropped.
On a weekend, the first to get done is the housework and then we go off and do all the normal weekend things. We normally spend a couple of hours at Zoë’s Grandma’s which is great for Zoë and them but I often sit there thinking that I could be at home having a couple of hours to myself doing some crafting. This makes me feel mean having these thoughts and James would go mad if I were to suggest that I stay at home and have some “ME” time.
At the end of March my hours revert back to 4 days a week and I hope to regain some of my work-life balance.


Beejay said...

What a lovely clock. Great take on the prompt.

knitkath said...

Love that clock, and your take on the prompt is good!

Mary B said...

Great take on the prompt and I do hope that you achieve it very soon, no matter who you are you do need some 'me' time so that you can unwind and refresh ready for the next lot of things that have to be done.

Shirley said...

Claire I do hope that you get your 'Me' time when your hours change.
Love your take on the prompt and the photo of your clock :)

willowthewysp said...

I just love that clock:)

Kay said...

Oh how we all struggle with the work life family balance. A very good take on todays prompt.