Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 69 Sunday 9th March


The first thing that popped into my head for this prompt was fabric softener but I wasn’t sure what I could journal about it so I had to have a re-think. I knew we were going into town to pay the balance on our holiday so I thought I would take my little camera with me. When we go to town we always have a Costas so I thought I would have big Hot Chocolate with cream and marsh mallows as it is a good comfort drink.
Well we went into town and we went to Costas and I got my Hot Chocolate, which I actually don’t enjoy that much, and sat taking photos of it much to the embarrassment of my husband. When I got home, I realised that I have left the camera in the pushchair in the boot of the car which is now locked away in garage and me being the lazy person that I am, cannot be bothered to go and get it out.
So I have had to have another re-think and thought about what things I like to have when I am not feeling well or just generally run down and want a bit of comfort. The thing that sprung to mind is my hot water bottle. I love my hot water bottle and it’s lovely ladybird cover. If I am cold, it warms me up and if I have tummy ache then it always makes me feel better. All in all it is a great comforter.


knitkath said...

third time lucky! Sure looks comforting!

Shirley said...

That ladybird certainly looks like a great comforter.
Great ideas for the day and maybe we will see the hot chocolate make an appearance another day:)

Mary B said...

Like the ladybird she looks cute.