Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 85 - Tuesday 24th March

“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard” - Anne Sexton - poet, writer
Take time out today to listen to your heart, listen to your family and loved ones

I wasn’t sure what to do for today’s prompt but having read some of my fellow 365’ers entries I have decided to base it around Zoë.
I have always been a bit concerned about Zoë’s speech as she pronounces her words quite badly. I have noticed a real change in her speaking lately and it is really coming on now and I can understand about 90% of what she says. However it is very easy to ignore her as she waffles on about nonsense most of the time. She can be very persistent when she wants your attention and she just repeats herself over and over until you respond to her.
She loves to sing and as soon as you get in the car she will start to sing various nursery rhymes. She never gets the right words and so will just repeat the bits that she knows. After about 10 minutes of hearing “Come back Peter, Come back Paul” over and over, I am ready to turn the radio up a bit louder to drown her out.
I know this is wrong as this time is very precious and I shouldn’t waste any of it!!! Tonight I will listen to everything she tells me.


willowthewysp said...

Gorgeous photo:)
The journalling could have been written by me about my Raven!

knitkath said...

Sounds like a typical child, but they do need to be listened to, even just to hear the funny things they say! Remember those made up words too!

Beejay said...


Mary B said...

That is so sweet and a beautiful photograph too.

Shirley said...

Zoe is so photogenic .... lovely photo of you both Claire.

It is great to hear the little ones talk but can remember my girls singing 'The Wheels on The Bus'. The Toot Toot of the horn got louder every time they sang it and they sang it a lot!!!!

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Lovely photo! Also like reading your journal, your writing is interesting to read.