Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 68 - Saturday 8th March


I am not a very patient person and with a two year old in the house, you need some patience. I often catch myself shouting at Zoë for something quite minor. I am trying to be more patient but when I am tired and Zoë is pushing me to the edge it is very hard.
Today we got our insurance renewal quote and it is £60 more than last year and we haven’t claimed or anything so I was a little surprised at such a hike in the price. We only have one car now and so we have to take it turns to insure the car so that we do not lose our no claims bonus as they last for two years.
So this means that we have to go through the rig moral of going through all the questions that the insurance companies ask you and the more the quotes you want the more times you have to go through it. This would try the patience of a saint and ofcourse James never does it so it falls to me to do it all. I will do it over the internet but it will probably take a whole evening to do it for several different companies.


knitkath said...

that's a great take on the prompt, well done! need a lot of patience for those forms

Shirley said...

Great take on the prompt Claire;
I know what you mean about having the patience of a saint making all those phone calls, usually to India!!!!