Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 66 - Thursday 6th March


Oh now this is a hard prompt.
I have been thinking about it all day and have not been able to come with anything other than some of Zoë’s toys.
Last year when we went to Bath we went into the Disney Store and bought Zoë some Winnie the Pooh teddies. They are the softest toys I have ever touched. She has a Tigger and a Pooh but she loves her Eeyore the most. Every morning when she wakes up, she always asks for Eeyore and she likes to cuddle him whilst she has her morning bottle of milky.
She always wants to take Eeyore to nursery but I always say no as I think he is too nice to take in when she could lose him, but this morning I relented and let her take Eeyore to school. He came home safely as the photo shows.


knitkath said...

They both look so nice and soft and cuddly! Great pic!

Mary B said...

Ah cute and eeyore does look the best

willowthewysp said...

I just love winnie the pooh!
And i notice a little hand in the piccie!So cute:)

Shirley said...

A really soft and cuddly pair and I love the way you have Zoe's little hand popping in at the corner :)