Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christmas Cards in January - are you mad?

On the UK Scrappers website, every 25th of the month, they have a Rudolph day where you make Christmas cards. The idea is that you don't get really behind and then have a mad rush of card making in December. I managed to make 3 today. I am not feeling too great - think I have a cold coming - and my card mojo has wandered off somewhere, so not overly happy with what I made, but they will do for the stock pile. Someone has worked out that if you make 5 a month, you would have 55 cards by December.

Talking of cards, I have joined another card swap hosted by Passionflower, who did such a great job with the Glitzy Christmas one last year. This one is 7 members per group and we all pick a theme (I have got New Baby) and we make 7 cards on that theme. Then we will get 7 cards back - 1 of each theme. Not sure when I will find the time to do the cards, but I loved the last swap so much that I couldn't resist.

To cheer myself up I bought myself a Bind It All and am planning on making some things like calendars, books of Zoe etc. I thought it would be useful to use for making prezzies for family and friends. I haven't even got it out of the box yet - crikey must be ill!!!!

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