Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 22 - Tuesday 22nd January

“There’s no place like home” – Wizard of Oz

Where do you live? Let’s see what you call home.

We live in a 2 bedroom flat in Canford Heath, Poole. We have lived here 10 years this year. It is a nice flat, but since the arrival of Zoë, we are definitely out growing it. We really need to move but the house prices are just extortionate around here. We have made a lot of money on the flat but it is all relative so whatever we buy next will swallow up all the profit we have made. It will be a culture shock as our mortgage is so small that we have a pretty comfortable live style but when we buy a house, the mortgage will probably triple or quadruple. I would love a lovely 4-5 bed house, where we can have another baby and then Zoë and her brother or sister can have nice big rooms of their own, I can have a craft room and still have a nice sized guest room. That will be well over £300 K to buy something like that in Dorset. I like living in Canford Heath as we are close to all the amenities but we also back onto the heath land so we are never that far away from lovely walks and nature.

We live about 6 miles away from the Sandbanks, the beautiful seaside resort that was featured on TV last week selling at £5 million an acre. Amazingly, you could buy an acre there in the 1920’s for £5. It is very beautiful round there but I wouldn’t pay that sort of money to live there– it is like a ghost town in the winter and you can’t move for tourists in the summer.

I have lived in Dorset all my life and can’t ever really see myself moving away. I love being near my family and the lovely countryside. We really are very spoilt with some of countryside around us – but of course we don’t appreciate it. Certainly as I have got older, I can see the beauty around me more, and getting into photography makes you see the world in a very different way.

This last photo is our side garden. My husband is an electrician and has put blue neon lights (just visible in the photo) round the path.


knitkath said...

Lucky you living in such a beautiful area! Love those lights around your path, great pics!

willowthewysp said...

Great journalling..and i love your kitchen:)

Mary B said...

Super photos I do like the angle at which you have taken them

Shirley said...

Great photos Claire, love the way you have got that tiny self portrait in the bathroom mirror.