Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 17 - Thursday 17th January

“Imagination is the highest kite you can fly” - Lauren Bacall

Think about the photography prompt from day 15

I think I have a really good imagination. I have loved reading ever since I was a small child. I would always rather read a book myself than have the book read to me.
I remember at primary school, having the Wind in Willows read to us every afternoon. I loved that book as I could imagine what all the characters looked like and what their homes looked like – especially Toad Hall. It was all in my head and I could picture myself in all the scenes.
Other favourite books as a child were any Enid Blyton book but especially The Wishing Chair. Her books were great for using your imagination. Stig of the Dump and Charlotte’s Web were my other favourites. In fact now I think about it, I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too.
I would much rather read a book and visualise it all in my head than watch a film and have to watch someone else’s interpretation of it. A great example of this is all the Harry Potter books. I have read most of them and I visualise it all in my old secondary school which was an old converted manor house. Then when I have watched the films, I have been really disappointed because nothing was like it was in my imagination. Quidditch in my head certainly never looked that it does in the film.
In fact I don’t think I have ever enjoyed any film that I have read the book of. And of course, if you watch a film and then read the book, you can’t use your imagination at all!
So I think imagination is great and where many things should stay!! I hope Zoë inherits my imagination and my love of books.

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