Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 10 - Thursday 10th January

The eyes are the window of the soul - English Proverb

You cannot hide your true feelings through your eyes, they speak a thousand words.

This could be a very deep journal entry but I am not going to do it as a deep one. James, my darling, long suffering husband has the most gorgeous brown eyes in the world. They are a deep chocolate colour and remind me of chocolate buttons. He has lovely long eyelashes. When I look into his eyes, I could drown in the depth of them. Unfortunately he chooses to hide them behind glasses.

ZoĆ« has very luckily inherited James’s eyes, but hers are even bigger and brighter.
My eyes are quite a dark greyish blue and quite unremarkable as eyes go!

The proverb is very true and I know my eyes always give away how I really feel about something. I am no good at lying as I feel myself go hot and I know my facial features let everyone know that I am telling porkies!

Not that I ever lie about anything!!!! Well maybe just the odd little white one!!!!



Zoe (lets hope she doesn't get Daddy's eyebrows!!!)


willowthewysp said...

Hey...your eyes are beautiful too.

Shirley said...

Lovely photos and stunning eyes,