Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 13 - Sunday 13th January

"When in doubt, take a bath” - Mae West

Don't you just love Mae West! Ok I dont want any nude photos!!!

Well I certainly am not going to inflict any naked photos on anyone!

I don’t take many baths – not because I am stinky but because I find baths such a faff. If you want to wash your hair, you can never get all the shampoo out, let alone the conditioner and I always tend to use the shower afterwards to rinse my hair off so I think it is easier just to take a shower in the first place.
I normally shower in the mornings as I find it is a lovely way to start the day. We have just had a new bathroom suite – it was time to rip out the hideous avocado suite that was there when we moved in (it has only taken 9 years to get round to doing it). We now have a lovely white pristine suite and the shower is a mains fed one and it is just the best thing in the world. The water jets out really strong and hot and I could stand under it all day. Unfortunately I don’t have time to stand under it all day as I have to get myself ready and Zoë ready in the mornings – but I always make sure I get a good 15 minutes under there.

James much prefers a bath and will take his Cycling Weekly magazine in and you won’t see him again for at least an hour. Zoë loves her baths too. She has numerous bath toys and one of her favourites is a Winnie the Pooh jigsaw puzzle.


Shirley said...

That jigsaw looks fun.
I love a good 15 mins in a shower as well.
Though do like some bubbles in a bath occasionally.
Your shower sparkles.
Thanks for sharing!

willowthewysp said...

Thats one thing i miss and must get round to sorting out asap...a the same as you when it comes to much faffing about!