Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 15 - Tuesday 15th January

"Make rest and refreshment a necessity, not a luxury” – Dan Zadra

I like this quote. I nearly always do lots of things at once, rushing and darting around, trying to get everything done – especially the evening routine. When I get in from work I can’t sit down or else I know I won’t get back up again.

I get dinner cooking and then I will start the washing up from during the day, make the sandwiches and lunchboxes for all three of us, wash and sterilise Zoë’s bottles (I know she shouldn’t still be on bottles, but it is one of the last links to her being my little baby – and I can’t give them up!!!!), start any washing going, cook Zoë’s tea and get her eating it (in front of The Night Garden – I know more bad parenting skills). Then I will dish up tea, sit down at the dining room table, wolf my dinner down as I listen to how my husband’s day has gone. Once I have finished eating (and James hasn’t even started his, as he is too busy talking) I will go back to the kitchen and wash up the rest of the tea things and dry them up and tidy the kitchen up.

Then I will try to sit down but more often than not, Zoë will demand some attention – to be played with or be read a book to! So as the good mother I am, I nearly always oblige! James always gets Zoë bathed and ready for bed, so this is the signal that I can have my time. My last job is to give Zoë her milk and I get the last cuddle of the day!!! Pure Bliss!!!

Then I have my “me time” and I switch on the laptop and RELAX until bed time – and woe betide anyone who tries to wrestle the laptop off me!!!!

Although I moan and groan about all this tearing around, I wouldn’t change it for the world! I think I get enough “me time” – although I wouldn’t let my husband know that!!!

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willowthewysp said...

I SO agree with you!