Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11 - Friday 11th January

Families are like fudge…mostly sweet, with a few nuts - Anonymous

Lets add a few more to the self portrait experience!

Well today is my birthday and I have had some lovely cards from my family and friends so they are in my thoughts today. And I certainly have a few nuts in my family!!! What I find so strange is that we are all so different. My mum has no self confidence and always seems quite angry at the world. My brother is a high flying career type with a fantastic job and earns huge amounts of money which I think can make him selfish sometimes (I hope he never reads this!!) And me, well I think I am just ordinary. I have a good job, money not bad but not fantastic but then I really enjoy it which I think counts for a lot. I think I am well balanced, I don’t let things that are out of my control get me down and I think I am a warm, caring type of person.

After Zoë was born I decided to contact my Dad who I hadn’t had any contact with in almost 30 years. It was the best thing I have done. I have been led to think he was horrible and didn’t want anything to do with us as children, but now I have met him, I just can’t equate him to the man that I have always thought he was. He is a busy farmer but always makes so much effort whenever we see him. He really puts himself out to make us feel welcome and really spoils us. I am very glad that I found him again.

Obviously I have my own family now. My gorgeous husband of 4 years and our beautiful daughter Zoë. These two very special people have made my life complete and have moulded me into a loving wife and mother – a job I wouldn’t swap for anything in the world!

As for one of my goals, I weighed myself this morning and I was 10st 7lb – a loss of 2lbs!!! Only about another stone to go!
I know I will never do it – have been trying for years to be thin but I think I am destined to a bit of a plumpie!

Daddy's Elvis impression!!!

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