Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 29 - Tuesday 29th January

Always leave enough room in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, or even joyous” - Paul Hawken

Take time today to think of what makes you happy. Yes I know your family do, lets look deeper!

This is quite a difficult one as since I have become a mother, I certainly have less time to myself to do the things that I love to do and strangely I have only got into crafting since Zoë was born – and as everyone knows, you can take a lot of time up doing crafty things and money!!!!
I do like to spend some time alone and am quite happy in my own company – as long as it isn’t for too long! I could never give up work as I need that bit of company – I would go mad if I only had Zoë for company all day.
I quite like to shut myself into the bedroom and lie on the bed, with some music on and read a book. James always thinks that I am avoiding him which is so not the case – I just like to take some time out! So because it causes a problem, I don’t tend to do it – unless I have a bath first and then I can seem to get away with it.
I love doing my crafting but find that as I have to do it in the lounge, it is very difficult to get all my stuff out whilst Zoë is around so I only really tend to do this in the evenings – and then I don’t always feel like doing it. When we move, I hope to be able to have a craft room where I can really spread myself out and leave all my stuff out so I can see what I have and what I want to use – rather than trying to remember what I have and what I want to use.


knitkath said...

Great take on today's prompt, good pic!

Shirley said...

I have really enjoyed reading you journalling for todays prompt and like you close up shot for the day too.