Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 40 - Saturday 9th February

"We really need only five things on this earth. Some food, some sun, some work, some fun and someone" - Beatrice Nolan

Try and photograph all five things today – I took all these photos yesterday
Food - Here is my lunch. One Dairylea and Ham sandwich, one Babybel, one Dairylea dunker thingy and a Rhubarb yoghurt (the only yoghurt I like!)
Sun – not sure on how to photograph the sun so here are some beautiful daffodils that are the colour of the sun.
Work – this is my desk at work. What a mess!!!
Fun - we were sent these red pants to work sometime ago as a marketing ploy by a computer company. I have been joking ever since that I will make a cape and they will become our IT uniform. Matt looks horrified everytime I mention them. I have asked him to model them on numerous occasions but he won’t. So I had to - they were a bit tight!!

Someone – And here is Matt trying to avoid the camera – there is no escaping me!!!


Shirley said...

Great selection of photos Claire and I love your IT pants. You look cute!
Maybe that should be one of your goals for 2008 get a photo onto your blog with Matt wearing the IT pants. I am sure it will keep people popping in just to see :)
Loved the journalling too.

Beejay said...

Love the pants.LOL You have a lovely smile in that pic.