Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 45 - Thursday 14th February

"Love Story"

Hey its Valentines Day! Journal about your love story , past , present, future!

I got together with James 10 years ago on March 6th 1998. I was living with someone else at the time and we were engaged – although not to be married! My ex-partner was 13 years older than me, had 4 kids from 2 different marriages – a real catch!!! I had such little self respect and self esteem that I thought it was better to be with someone, anyone, rather than no-one.
James was an electrician where I worked and I needed some sockets putting into the telephone room and he was given the job to come and put them in for me. He came to see me and I showed him what needed doing. It wasn’t until later that I found out, that he came back to ask me out but when he saw that I was wearing an engagement ring and he didn’t bother.
A few weeks later, the husband of my friend who worked in the office with me, started working with James. James came and did a bit more work for me. One day I mentioned to my friend that I had had a dream about James and that I quite liked him. He was just my type – dark haired and big brown eyes – he looked a bit like David Baddiel. Anyway she went back to her husband and told him and he said that James liked me too. So between the two of them, they arranged a night out for us. I know this was naughty as I was with someone else but I knew I didn’t love this man and that I could do better and that I was worth much, much more!!
So we went out as a foursome into Wimborne. We had a great evening and I had a little sneaky snog that night. We arranged to spend the next day together. I picked him up in the morning and we spent the day at a friend’s house in Swanage. I knew there and then that he was the man for me and that I found my true love.
So that night when I got home, I left my partner taking very little with me other than my clothes and my beautiful little dog. I moved back home with my Mum – which was very hard having had a home of my own for the last 5 years.
James was in the process of buying a flat at the time and he moved into it 6 months later. I was so determined to do things the right way, that although I would stay at the flat at weekends, I didn’t move in with James for 3 years. We got engaged about 3 years later and then got married on July 10th 2004. It was such a beautiful day. We got married in church with all the traditional trimmings. It was the last thing that I ever expected would happen to me. It was the best day of my life – other than the day when our beautiful baby was born 18 months later.
We have our hard times, as I am sure lots of couples have, but we also have plenty of good times. I know that this is forever and that he is the love of my life. He is a very generous and kind husband and an excellent father to Zoƫ. I wake up every morning and realise that I am very lucky.


knitkath said...

Beautiful story, so glad you found "the one" and are happy!

Mary B said...

Beautiful just beautiful and I am so glad you have found true love because I know how wonderful that is

willowthewysp said...

This is beautiful journalling! Thankyou for sharing such a wonderful story with us, and im so glad you have the man that is really right for you.

Shirley said...

Oh Claire I am so glad that I have managed to read this!
A wondeful piece of journaling and an inspiring story. Finding out that James was your soul mate and acting upon it has given you back your self respect and a beautiful daughter Zoe. Even if he won't pop on those IT pants just yet I think you have a pretty wonderful guy there:)
Having been married to my DH for 38 years and still love him to bits I just know that feeling you are talking about.
Take care of each other and enjoy your lives together.

Jane said...

super story congratulations