Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 49 - Monday 18th February

"The Sound of Music"

We all listen to music everyday. Whether it be on the radio, IPod, CD Player, the TV or sounds of birds singing, children laughing. Find the music in your day.

I thought things were going too well with the film prompts but no! I haven’t seen this film either, but I don’t think that it matters.
I love music and will always have a radio on at home or in the car. I am not very good at silence. I really like proper bands that actually play their own instruments. I can’t stand manufactured pop stars or bands such as Girls Aloud. My favourite bands are Razorlight, The Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs , Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I would love to go to one of festivals such as Glastonbury but I think I am just too old now and am not overly good in big crowds of people and I know I would hate all that mud. So I will make do with the telly and watching it from the comfort of my sofa.
I have two IPods. One that I got a couple of years ago and then James bought me an IPhone when they first came out, which has replaced the IPod. I have quite an eclectic taste in music and if you were to go through the music on my IPhone you would see just how varied it is – all of the above bands, Macy Gray, Robbie Williams, The Kooks, Prince, Jamiroquai, Mika, Corrine Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Squeeze, Meat Loaf, Guns and Rose, Green Day, Kelis, The Beautiful South, Mark Ronson, Beverley Knight – need I list anymore?


willowthewysp said...

I really really want an ipod!! So i am very jealous that you have an ipod AND an iphone!!!!
By the way...glastonbury is great and you are never too old!

knitkath said...

Love your take on this one! That's a varied musical taste!