Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 44 - Wednesday 13th February


So love this movie at the moment. Full of BIG hair, lots of singing and lots of dancing!

Guess what – I haven’t seen this film either. I have Googled it and this is what I got:

“the film follows a "pleasantly-plump" teen named Tracy Turnblad as she simultaneously pursues stardom as a dancer on a local TV show and rallies against racial segregation.”

Well I am quite quite plump (was 10st 6.25lb this morning when I weighed myself - so a bit of progress on one of my 10 goals!!!). I am pretty hopeless at dancing and know that I would never make it onto the TV and racial segregation is a thing of the past - I hope!!! So that doesn't leave me much to go on does it?

I really didn't want to do this journaling entry on hair, but I just cannot think of what else to do, so here it is. My hair has a complete mind of it's own and has some weird wave thing going on - which Zoe has inherited. I try to only wash it every other day, so in the mornings on the "non-wash" day, when I wake up it is pretty mad. The quickest way to tame it is to get my faithful GHDs out. I live for my hair straighteners!!! You know when you get asked what 10 things would you have on a deserted island, one of them would have to be my GHDs - mind you not sure how they would work with no electricity.


Kay said...

I have completely the opposite problem with dead straight and extremely thin flat hair, so that's one thing I can't see me ever needing. Good piccy well done.

Shirley said...

Great photo Claire and well done on some weight loss :)