Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 52 - Thursday 21st February

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

What is your style?

This prompt could be interpreted in so many ways and there are many styles that I could journal about. These are the most obvious:
Dress Style – I don’t think I conform to a particular style or look. I tend to wear suits to work with a jumper or a blouse. At home I wear jeans or combats with various surfing branded t-shirts or hoodies. I like to shop in Next for most of my work clothes and Animal for my casual clothes. I do struggle to find trousers as I am short so I always have to have petite ones which then means that I have a limited range to buy from.
Management Style – I don’t think I am a particularly good manager as I am not overly good at delegation as I am such a control freak and like to do most things myself. I don’t like to confront people about difficult situations either. However there are other things which I think make me a good manager such as I like to be flexible with my staff and as long as they give extra then I will always give that bit extra back. I like to have fun at work as long as timescales are adhered to.
Parenting Style – I know my style has changed to how I had planned throughout my pregnancy. James and I had such strict views but we have definitely relented on a few things. If we were ever to watch parents with their children, we were always quick to criticise how they treated their children but since becoming parents we do see things differently and ZoĆ« gets away with things that I never thought we would let her do – mostly relating to her eating unfortunately as she is so picky.
I don’t think anything about me makes me stand out in a crowd – which I kind of like!!!


willowthewysp said...

Love your journalling with you on the is difficult when the child is your own!

knitkath said...

Great journalling, so many true words! It is always easy to criticise until you are in the same position! Like the pic too!

Beejay said...

Great journalling. Tricky prompt today.

Kay said...

Love your journalling, and the picture too!