Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 53 - Friday 22nd February

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" - William Morris

Due to the fact that we live in a flat we are always cramped for space but luckily as we are on the first floor, we get to have a loft. James is quite a hoarder and he hates to throw things out just in case we will need them again. I think he thinks it is wasteful to throw stuff out. I am beginning to become like this too as I know he will moan if I throw something out. A good example of this is the ironing board. The cover was torn and when I bought a new cover it didn’t properly so I bought a new ironing board. Now we have 2 ironing boards – 1 is useless as it doesn’t have a cover, so why do we still have it?
Firstly the stuff gets put into the 2nd bedroom onto the spare bed which is actually Zoë’s room and then when that gets too cluttered it gets moved to the loft which is basically just a dumping ground for stuff – which he continuously moans about.
Zoë is still in her cot so it hasn’t really mattered that her room gets a bit cluttered but we are planning on changing her cot to be a bed and want to decorate the room nicely for her. I don’t think we can fit anything else into the loft so that definitely needs clearing out. I think a good rule to follow is “Have we needed it in the last year?” and if the answer is no then it can be chucked out.
James is away this weekend and I need to get something out of the loft so I may use this an excuse to get up there tonight and have a sort out of my stuff that is up there and then take it to the dump tomorrow. That will earn me some Brownie Points. God knows I could do with some!!!


willowthewysp said...

Great idea!
Im glad we havnt got a loft....i dread to think how much we would squeeze into it!!!

knitkath said...

Oooh that looks familiar!