Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 48 - Sunday 17th February

"Edward Scissor Hands"

I am guessing we all have scissors in our hands at one point in the day, whether you are a crafter, a seamstress, a hairdresser! Edward was an artist, so are you.

At long last I film I have seen, albeit a long time ago. Lots of girls have a real thing for Johnny Depp but I can’t see it myself.
My take on this prompt will quite literally be about hair. Zoë’s hair is a real mess. She has only ever had it cut once by my husband’s hairdresser and this was back in September 2007. It is in desperate need of a cut now and due to other commitments we won’t be able to get it cut for ages yet. Her hair never really seems to have grown at the sides so she has a bit of a mullet going on and then it has these strange waves and curls which just make it look untidy. When it is brushed out after a bath, it is really quite long.
My husband has such lovely dark, almost black hair that I hoped Zoë would inherit, but she has my mousy brown hair. I always thought she could have a lovely straight shiny bob, but I don’t think this will ever be possible.
I do try to put it up into a pony tail but it is so soft and fine it is really difficult to get into a hairband and because she moves so much it looks quite untidy once I have managed to do it. Of course then she pulls it all out after a couple of minutes.
If I was brave enough, I would attempt to cut at least her fringe myself – but I am not. I will try a hair grip to keep this out of her eyes – but I know what will happen, she will just pull it straight out.
Zoe with her hair up:

Zoe not happy with her hair up:

Zoe with hair down scoffing her favourite treat - a banana (see the mullet!!!)


knitkath said...

Great pics of a cute little girl! hair looks ok to me!

Mary B said...

ey are gorgeous photographs and she is such a cutie

Kay said...

She is sooo cute, a real pleasure to get the camera out for I'll bet.

willowthewysp said...

Awww she is gorgeous!
Dont worry about her hair too much...she will worry enough about her hair when she is older!
Just let it grow:)