Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 341 - Saturday 6th December

These are the magic years…and therefore magic days…and therefore magic moments - Anonymous

This is an easy one for me having a 2 year old. Zoë can be hard work at times but she really is a joy to be with and is a constant source of wonderment to me with the things that she says and does. The last 3 years certainly have been magical and I have had more magical moments than I can remember.
Yesterday we had an afternoon out with some of her nursery friends and it was lovely to see her interacting with her little buddies. I tried so hard to get a photo of all of them together but they were all just too hyper to sit still long enough.
It is a shame that her beloved Herbie is moving away after Christmas and they will all end up at different schools, but I hope we will all stay in contact and so they remain life long friends.


knitkath said...

Great photo!

Shirley said...

Fabulous photo of them all.