Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 2nd December

December weather...

Because we have the pleasure of living so close to the sea we very rarely get snow. Christmas scenes are always full of snow aren’t they, but we are never that lucky. I don’t think I can ever remember it snowing on Christmas day.
The weather at the moment is cold and has been raining on and off all day. The skies are dull and grey and there is no wind.
We all have to wrap up snuggly warm before we go out and once we are in the car, the heating gets whacked right up and I have my heated seat on. Zoe is bundled into her woolly hat scarf and gloves – must to her disgust.
I think I prefer to have this type of weather than to experience the Christmas season in warm sunshine like in Australia. Somehow that wouldn’t feel right, but then maybe our weather wouldn’t feel right to the Australian’s.
My ideal winter weather is cold but bright sunny days. I love wrapping up warm and then going out for a winter walk, maybe along the beach and then stopping somewhere for a lovely cup of tea or Hot Chocolate. Zoe is having a bike for bike on her birthday on the 18th, so I am hoping for dry days so we can go out and about with it.


knitkath said...

Christmas in sunshine isn't all it's cracked up to be, just not right eating turkey when it's warm! Nothing like a walk on the beach in the winter!

Shirley said...

I agree Claire, really love a crisp winters morning at Christmas.
Plus hot punch and lots of nibbles lol.