Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 344 - Tuesday 9th December

Christmas is just around the corner, this week lets get inspired by Christmas music!

The holly and the ivy,When they are both full grown,Of all trees that are in the wood,The holly bears the crown - The Holly and the Ivy

Things are beginning to get Christmassy here but still haven’t put my decorations up yet. I want to get them up this week but finding the time is the difficult bit. I don’t think I have ever put holly or ivy up – certainly not the real thing anyway. I know we sell holly wreaths in our garden centre but I think I would rather have a sparkly fake one to put up.
It always amazes me how horses eat holly!!!


Shirley said...

Well I have learnt something today...I did not know that horses eat holly!!!
Love the photo :)

knitkath said...

Fake or real, doesn't really matter as long as you like it!