Monday, December 1, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 1st December

The first prompt is to create a Manifesto as to why I am doing this journal.

Why am I doing this journal at such a busy time of year?

Well Zoë will be 3 on the 18th December and she is just getting to the age where she understands Christmas and is looking forward to getting a visit from Father Christmas.
Coming from a single parent family, our Christmases were always very tight but my Mum made it as special as she could and although I wouldn’t get as many presents as my friends, it was always a special time of year. My mum would make the Rum Truffles and this was always a sign that Christmas was on it’s way.
I am in a much luckier situation than my mum was and my husband and I want to make Christmas as special as we can for Zoë without totally spoiling her – which is difficult. I want this journal to be a record of her first Christmas that she understands. I want to create something that she can look back on when she is older and to remember things that she would have otherwise forgotten. I want to create new family traditions that we will do every year and that she may carry on with her children in years to come.

There are some things that I have already done in preparation for the forthcoming season, and I am sure these will be revealed as this journal is created.


Lynne aka retired nana said...

Oh what a lovely declaration of intent. I copied Shimelle's LOL!!!
Wait til you do the past Christmas page I found this vey emotional when I journalled my memories as a single MUM with 2 young boys

I am sure you will love doing this I did for 2 yers and kind of feeling- missing it!!

Shirley said...

Claire I am sure that zoe will look back at your Christmas journal in years to come and treasure it.

Summer Sunflower said...

I will love watching your Christmas journal unfold Claire, a brilliant memory for you and Zoe to look back on!!

knitkath said...

Lovely words, and this journal will be a treasure to Zoe in the future!