Thursday, December 4, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 4th December

Today's prompt is all about how we perceive our perfect Christmas. The photo is a picture of Zoe taken on Christmas Day 2007 - how she has changed in just one year.
My journalling reads:
What is my perfect Christmas?

Although I would always wish for my house to look like something out an interiors magazine and my Christmas dinner to look and taste like a professional chef has cooked it, in reality my perfect Christmas is very different. These are just trappings and it is the time spent with my family that makes this time of year so special. The size and cost of presents aren’t important (much ) and if the dinner doesn’t come out quite like it is meant to, does it matter? No, not at all!
This year ZoĆ« is really “getting” Christmas and she knows what presents she wants and so it will be brilliant watching her excitement as she opens them and realising that Father Christmas has bought her everything she has asked for and the mess of the wrapping paper won’t matter a bit.
After that we will go to James’ Mum’s and Dad’s where we will all have dinner and then spend the rest of day relaxing and enjoying each other’s company and undoubtedly moan about the state of the TV this year. What could be more perfect than that?


knitkath said...

Sounds pretty perfect to me, hope it all comes true for you, you deserve it!

Kay said...

Oh that sounds just heavenly can I come please!

Steph said...

such lovely word Claire - and so very true

Shirley said...

Great journalling and perfect photo too :)

Lynne aka retired nana said...

So true and glad you have the right values that Zoe will grow up with
and a perfect page too

Mary B said...

that is a perfect way to spend this special day.