Saturday, December 20, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 20th December

Today is all about Tales of the Unexpected.
My journalling reads:
"Yesterday morning we had Zoë’s nursery school nativity in Wimborne Minster church. Afterwards we were hungry, so we found a little cafe and had a yummy fried breakfast. Whilst we sat there, we saw a TV shop opposite. It is normally quite an expensive shop so we don’t normally go in there, but James thought we would just go and have a look and get some advice as to what is on the market and what is the best make etc.
We were speaking to the sales guy and he was telling us all about the different types of TVs and what they can do nowadays. One of the TVs was such a good deal that we decided to go home and just have a little think about it. The sales guy loved this TV so much, he has just bought the same TV for his home. What more recommendation do you need? Having looked on the internet, it was such a good price that James decided to go back and buy it. It is a 32” LCD TV with HD Freeview. I think it may even cook our Christmas Dinner!
It is now being delivered and installed on Christmas Eve. How exciting!!!!
A brand new posh TV just in time for Christmas – what more could a girl need?
Well I never expected that to happen yesterday!"

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knitkath said...

What a lovely pressie for Christmas, will you have time to watch it?