Friday, December 19, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 17th December

Today's prompt is about seeing the perfect present for someone. I have journalled about Zoe's present but the photo will have to be added after Christmas day as it is wrapped up now.
Journalling reads:
"This year we have bought Zoƫ a present that I always swore I would never buy her.
Every week when I am doing the housework, as soon as I get the hoover out, she grabs her old baby walker or a small push along car. She then follows me around whilst I do the hovering and she pushes whatever she has back and forth like she is hoovering too.
I have always hated the idea of buying her toys like a hoover or an ironing board as I feel these are teaching her the wrong idea about being a girl. But seeing as how much she loves pretending to hoover then why should I not buy her an identical hoover to ours?
I have decided to think of it as developing her imagination, rather than teaching her that the only things girls are good for is housework.
She has seen the hoover in the toy shop and is now desperate for one.
I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it on Christmas morning."

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