Sunday, December 21, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 21st December

Today was about a reality check and to see how organised we are - Ooops!!!

My journalling reads:
"Are we nuts?
Yes very probably, 5 days before Christmas we have started to decorate ZoĆ«’s bedroom. She has a new bed coming and we need to decorate before it can be delivered and if we didn’t start soon, we would never get round to doing it. Both James and I are working quite a lot over Christmas, so today was a case of now or never!!!
We have emptied the room bar for her cot and her wardrobe. The old single bed was smashed up this morning and taken to the tip and all the room has been stripped of the wall paper.
Now we need to wash all the walls with Sugar Soap to get rid of the remains of the wallpaper paste, do the sanding down, fill all the cracks in, treat the outer walls with mould killer and then we can paint. Then new carpet and then her bed can be built. We hope to get all this done for the weekend after the New Year.
Then we can start on the lounge!!!!"

1 comment:

Shirley said...

You are definately nuts Claire. LOL
Hope it all goes to plan :)