Saturday, December 6, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 6th December

Today we were asked to think of Christmases past and of a good memory and a not so good memory. Well my good memories outweigh the bad ones and so have focussed on the day that our Christmases changed forever more with the birth of Zoe.

My journalling reads:
3 years ago, one week before Christmas day I gave birth to our beautiful daughter. I always remember going to James’ mum’s house on Christmas Day for dinner feeling absolutely exhausted and wondering whether I would get to eat my dinner without Zoë waking up demanding to be fed It is such a shock bringing home a newborn baby and trying to fathom out what to do with this little bundle and worrying whether we were doing things the right way. I had only came out of hospital the day before as I had unexplained stomach pains – which later turned out to be kidney stones.
She was so well behaved all day and slept at all the right times. She always loved cuddling up on someone’s chest and this picture is something I will always remember, Zoë snuggled up on Daddy, who was as equally exhausted as me.
I fell asleep for most of the evening whilst the family sat and watched the telly and marvelled over Zoë and just how perfect she was. Christmas was never going to be the same again.
This year she will be 3 and Christmas Day will be totally different. The only way she would be cuddled up with Daddy is if she exhausts herself out playing with all her new toys.


Sandy said...

I love your page. Oh gosh I couldn't imagine have a child the week before Christmas. Did they make you a saint for that? Just Joking of course. You did a great job from the sound of it. Great photo too.

knitkath said...

What a lovely memory, and a gorgeous picture!

crazierinreallife said...

such wonderful journaling. you did a great job

Latharia said...

We are hoping that next Christmas will be the first one we have with children in our family, so I can completely resonate with your thoughts! Just a delightful page!

Shirley said...

Beautiful page and so lovely to share these memories with you.