Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 347 - Friday 12th December

"Oh I'm the happiest Christmas tree, Look how pretty they dressed me, Oh lucky lucky me, I got shiny bells the jingle, And tiny lights that tingle, Whenever anyone passes by, I blink my lights and wink my eye!"

How typical when I used my picture of my tree for yesterday’s prompt.
The house is feeling much more festive now that the tree is up. We bought a new artificial one last year after a disastrous bald real tree the year before. I love it as it isn’t too tall but it is lovely and bushy and fits just perfectly into the lounge. This year I have decorated it with greens, pinks, reds and purples.
For the first time we won’t be able to put presents under the tree as Father Christmas is delivering the presents this year once he has squeezed down the chimney.
Yesterday some of the girls bought these little mini trees from Hobbycraft with a bag of decorations for about £4. Now they are on their desks and really brighten the office.


knitkath said...

They're pretty little trees, certainly cheer an office!

Beejay said...

How sweet. Gives a festive feeling to the office.

Mary B said...

Pretty little tree this and I bet they make the office seem a better place to be