Monday, December 15, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 15th December

This day's prompt is all about the people we will be seeing over the Christmas period.
My journalling reads:
"On Christmas Day, we will spend the morning at home, just the three of us and will open some presents. Then we will go to James’ Mum and Dad’s for dinner and it is here that we will spend the rest of the day. Zoë will have a great time at Grandma’s.
I will cook a turkey before we go there for lunch so we have some yummy stuff for sandwiches etc.
On Boxing Day we will drive up to Newbury to see my brother Joe and his family. My mum is going there for Christmas Day and so we will bring her back with us later on in the day.
The rest of the holidays will be spent redecorating Zoë’s room ready for the delivery of her new big girl’s bed."