Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Challenge for Year 2009

As I am so used to taking a daily photoand feeling a little bereft at the thought of no more 365 challenge, I have decided to set myself my own challenge for the forth coming year.
I have made a list of 31 subjects and I will take a photo for each theme on the relevant day. At the end of the year I will have 12 photos for each theme which I will then scrap the photos and make an album of my themed year.
So here goes, here is my list:

1st - My weight
2nd - Me, myself and I (self portrait)
3rd - The garden
4th - The cat
5th - Troll beads
6th - Zoƫ
7th - The weather
8th - What is for dinner today?
9th - A family member
10th - Anything pink
11th - A flower
12th - What is it ? (close up of an everyday item)
13th - What have I bought today?
14th - A black and white photo
15th - James
16th - A tree
17th - Anything green
18th - Cute
19th - What have I done today?
20th - What am I listening to today?
21st - It is midday – what do I see?
22nd - James and Zoe
23rd - An animal or bird
24th - Anything blue
25th - What makes me smile/laugh?
26th - A scrapbook layout
27th - Anything yellow
28th - Pretty
29th - What am I reading today?
30th - Anything silver or gold
31st - A card I have made

So now I have put this on my blog, I cannot squelch out of doing it!
I will post my daily photos on here.

Happy New Year


Mary B said...

look forward to seeing them too. Happy New Year Claire may it be a good one for you

Sarah said...

Fab idea Claire - will keep an eye on your Blog - and Happy New Year :)

Yizz said...

Love your list - is it ok to borrow a few ideas from it? I will link back to you from my blog as I think this is a fantastic idea worth sharing :D Happy New Year.

Shirley said...

Great idea Clairre I will watch with day 10. lol

Summer Sunflower said...

Great idea Claire, Happy New Year to you and yours, hope it is a great one!