Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 353 - Thursday 18th December

"There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child"
- Erma Bombeck

Today we are meant to reflect on Christmas past but I want to concentrate on today. Today is Zoe's birthday and we have had a lovely day out. We were meant to be going to the Lapland at Matchams, but couldn't go as it was closed down. So instead we went to Poole Park and saw Father Christmas. Zoe was really good and really liked him and she got 2 presents. We took her new bike down with us and she zoomed round the park on it.
This is the first year that she has really understood what her birthday is all about and now is really looking forward to Christmas.
Then we went to my Mum's tonight and Zoe had more presents, whilst I played with my camera taking arty (well as arty as mine ever are ;-) ) photos of all the decorations.
Then we detoured on the way home to see the houses all lit up with the Christmas lights. It is amazing what lengths people go to, to decorate their houses.
She has only just gone to bed now and it is 10.15pm.
Oh to be a child again!


Mary B said...

Oh bless her she looks wonderful in these photos and she is now definitely a girl and no longer a toddler. So glad you had a lovely lovely day after the disappointment of lapland

Summer Sunflower said...

Lovely photos of Zoe's special day, she looks as if she was really enjoying herself.

Shirley said...

Great selection of photos for the day Claire. Love the one with Zoe on the swing :)