Monday, December 29, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - 23rd December

Today was to journal about stockings.
My journalling reads:
"This year will be the first time Zoe has a stocking. I have made her one which I hope will become the one that she uses for years to come. Last year, as Zoƫ was too young to understand Christmas, all her presents were put under the tree as they were wrapped. However, this year as I have wrapped her presents, I have hidden them all away in the loft.
On Christmas Eve, we will leave out the obligatory mince pie, carrot and glass of something for Father Christmas. We will put some flour on the fireplace with a foot print in it so it looks like Father Christmas has visited.
The small presents will be in her stocking and the larger ones will be under the tree – all waiting for Zoe to come and open them.
Roll on Christmas Day!!!!"

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